In Algorithm S3: Star System Sabotage, you are the Hacker: computer scientist and coding extraordinaire. You live within the galaxy. The title of the game refers to the program designed by the Hacker. It has capabilities far beyond anything that the galaxy has seen before. It allows you to hack into, and ultimately do anything you want, within a network – any network.


The Corporation rules the galaxy. They are a titanic monster of capitalistic greed and power. The Hacker was a recent employee -- helping build and manage the very systems that can be hacked into -- being fired for failing to reach unacceptable corporate targets. The Hacker, of course, will not let this stand, and will do anything that is possible to bring The Corporation to their knees.


Part 2D run ‘n’ gun, part strategy & simulation, Algorithm S3: Star System Sabotage is a game designed to allow players to play through it in any way they want, and at whatever pace they choose.


Much of the game is entirely randomized: the galaxy, networks, prizes, and even the various names of things are generated uniquely in your specific playthrough. No galaxy is the same.


Players spend time managing and organizing contracts from randomized citizens of the galaxy, equipping and modifying weaponry, and many more customization aspects. Completing contracts earns you money, and also increases your popularity throughout the galaxy, allowing you access to higher-level contracts into more dangerous networks – but with much higher rewards.


Hacking into networks take place in a 2D run ‘n’ gun platforming simulation where you take control of the Infiltrator, a super-advanced, highly efficient piece of coding brilliance. It is the Hacker’s offensive vehicle that leads the Algorithm S3 program through the networks.



  • Randomized galaxy of approximately 20 billion grid squares, filled with astronomical entities like planets, stars, and space stations – each of which could have networks filled with corporate goodies waiting for a hacking expert to come along to take!
  • Play through it any way you want, taking any path you want. Accept, decline, and negotiate contracts from a continuous stream of admirers of your work. Analyze a contact’s good and bad qualities. This will affect the type of people that will contact you in the future. Do you want to help good Samaritans and philanthropists, or terrorist cells and supervillains?
  • Navigate and organize yourself within the GUI-operating system of Algorithm S3, spread across three monitors. Sort mail, analyze planets close by, and create a hacking session music playlist. Many, many options available to the Hacker.
  • Track your progress of galactic influence through filtered news feeds where your actions have been noticed. Do they follow you, or despise you?
  • Various contract types: steal money, steal documents, plant documents, hijack networks, or destroy networks. Each type has their own differential aspects of difficulty and how to successfully complete the hacking session successfully.
  • Successful sessions allow you to gain experience and increase your Hacker Level. This will make it easier to hack into higher-level network security.
  • Gain popularity and notoriety to be contacted by the many mysterious denizens of the galaxy that have secretive incredible power and influence throughout the galaxy. Speak to high-up government agents that support everything you are doing; get chastised and cyber-attacked by fellow hackers; learn about The Nameless: an anti-The Corporation group that despises capitalism and loves anarchy.
  • Take control of the Infiltrator – the Hacker’s avatar for terrorizing the digital realms of these unsuspecting companies and businesses. Customize every aspect from the look to the arsenal it carries into the networks.
  • Deep and rich weapon customization system. Customize and modify every aspect of a weapon’s shot: size, speed, range, firepower, color, sound and many, many more.
  • Find and buy 1,000+ secondary weapons, heavy weapons, weapon modifiers, and Infiltrator modifiers.
  • Create enough chaos to catch the attention of The Corporation. Let them send network defense in the form of bosses. Defeat them all to gain access to the greatest and most locked down network in the galaxy: The Corporation.



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